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20 Year Cees Bags

The Cees Bags team welcomes you.
20 years - Better Bags, Naturally!

Cees Bags probably makes the nicest, best and cheapest carrier bags, garment covers, back packs and other related items for the retail and promotional industry around the world.

Most of our products are made up to 100% with recycled materials and are re-usable, recyclable or up to 100% bio-degradable. For paper products we have FSC licenses.

Our factories adhere strictly to our Code of Conduct and in most cases have passed international audits. 

You will find our service beyond expectations with quick follow ups, design services, arrangement of all production, sampling, QC by our own team and shipping right up to your door through our worldwide network of forwarders.

Our costing is normally inclusive of all charges, delivered to your doorstep (DDP / Free House); no hidden charges; no surprises with costs from importers and forwarders or duties payable.

Please contact us for any queries not answered here.

Picture of Girls with Bags


Set of Shopping Bags


Cees Bags durable shopping bags are environmentally friendly and popular alternatives to traditional paper and plastic bags; offering a long-lasting high-end brand exposure.

Cees Bags makes strong, eye-catching carrier bags, string backpacks and garment covers.

Besides reproducing your current bag or choosing from any of our standard styles, Cees Bags can assist in developing a bag or even a range of matching packaging items following your requirements, budget and corporate image.

We also produce a line of eco-friendly natural products made from 100% Kraft Paper, Cotton or Canvas (no lamination or coating).

Set of Garment Covers & Luxury Bags


Cees Bags has the required expertise to manufacture strong large (brides)dress covers. As always for the lowest cost possible without compromise on quality of materials, workmanship and trimmings like zippers.

Cees Bags covers and bags are favoured by many in the Bridal & Fashion industry around the World.

Set of Underwear & Shoe Bags


We can make bags and covers to any specification, for any type of usage like:
* Strong tamper evident bags and pouches used to hold documents, valuables or cash in transit. The bags are made with high-durability multi-layer materials for added strength and security and have special stitching with inside binding and can have our exclusive locking mechanisms (with numbered seals) on the zippers to ensure that when tampered with this cannot be done without being noticed.
* Pouches for small items
* Underwear Bags
* Toiletry / Vanity Bags
* Shoe Bags
* Ski Boot Bags
* Protective Covers for
- Garden Umbrellas & Furniture
- Crates & Goods
- Cars & Motorbikes
* Wash Bags
and more........ paper boxes for retail packaging or sending of webshop sales articles.
And special plastic/paper envelopes and other packaging solutions for courier and webshop companies.

Set of Recycle Bags for Waste Separation


So far we have produced over 3 million waste separation/recycle bags.  In sets of 2, 3 or 4 bags or bags with compartements.

Normally made from PP Woven with lamination.

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Why should I buy Cees Bags products?

The large, loyal customer base build up over the years speaks for itself.
In July 2008 Cees Bags was established; after all activities of the 12 year old company "Kees Becks - Better Bags by Design"; originally 50% founded, owned and controlled by Cavadino & Co Limited, were fully acquired by Cavadino & Co with the support of our factories and clients, ensuring continuity of a satisfactory business for all.
Some of the most important reasons for having us as your supplier are:

  • We have the flexibility to arrange small orders. You are no longer limited to your wholesaler's collection, we can make any desired model and print any artwork. All details like windows, trims and zippers can be done according to your preferences.
  • Our factories in most cases produce the base materials (all products made with plastics, PVC, PEVA, PP Non-woven and PP-Woven, including laminated materials); resulting in cost and quality control benefits. 
  • You can make substantial savings on your current purchase price as you are buying directly from the factory.
  • All our production facilities adhere to our Code of Conduct. Several of our factories even passed some of the strictest audits as required by our large buyers (SA8000, REACH and such) for Compliance with Production, Labour, Material and Environmental standards.
  • We assure quality and delivery. All orders are handled with care and attention.

To whom do you sell? Am I a potential customer?

We handle orders from small retailers up to large international buying offices and wholesalers. All our clients get the same attention and best prices.
Normally our minimum order is only 1000 pieces for large (bridal) dress covers, 2000 pieces for garment covers and 5000 pieces for carrier bags. But actual MOQ may depend on any mix of different items made in the same material, the material and the print-method.
Do not hesitate to ask even if your order quantity is below that mentioned here.

What do I have to do when ordering Cees Bags products?

Basically no more or less then when ordering with a local wholesaler.
After having made known your wishes and agreed on our offer you will receive a pro-forma invoice.  When your payment has been arranged (30-40% deposit by T/T or full L/C) we will prepare a pre-production sample for your approval.
After you have confirmed this sample (you can still change the design or print at this time) we will start production.
From the production you will receive another sample. When you find this to be the product you expected, the goods will be shipped out.

Besides the quoted price, what other costs are involved?

Our prices are stated in US-dollars and normally follow DDP (Free House) terms to your door by sea and/or air freight.
The price includes design, development, sampling, materials, printing, production, freight, customs handling, import duty and delivery to your door; i.e. there are no additional costs.
Our forwarder will contact you upon arrival of the goods in your country to arrange applicable VAT and a delivery time.
Other trade terms, such as FOB and CIF are possible.

Why am I expected to pay in advance?

We compete on quality and on price, therefore, we do not calculate for credit risk, trade finance, factoring or other costs of collection in our prices. This translates into an even bigger price advantage for our clients.
Standard payment terms are 30-40% deposit with remainder payable after shipment / before delivery at your door by bank transfer (T/T) or upon request by irrevocable letter of credit at sight in full.

How do I know that I get what I ordered?

Some of our clients have had bad experiences when ordering from abroad. We look for long-term business and will ship the quality and quantity that you have ordered, equivalent to the samples that are sent to you throughout the ordering process.
After having received your signed order confirmation, we will prepare a pre-production sample for your approval. Only after approval of this sample, we will start production.
During production our Quality Controller will check the quality. At all stages in the manufacturing process every single item is checked by our factory's QA inspectors. Any problems will be solved immediately; any faulty items are corrected or replaced. After production you will receive a bulk production sample which represents the shipped quality.
After our QC inspection, the goods will be shipped out and we will arrange for them to reach your address as soon as possible by shipping through our appointed network of forwarders.
Cees Bags is operated by Cavadino & Co Limited; a Hong Kong registered company. Our loyal world-wide customer base build up during the many years Cavadino & Co Ltd has been operating in Asia acknowledges a successful business formula based on service, quality and low prices.

Contact us today and make it work for you!



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